Thursday, March 13, 2014

Boston IWW Need Your Help!

Tasia Edmonds at a rally in Boston, Massachusetts
Only last week I reported how Insomnia Cookies had granted back pay and union recognition concessions to the staff organised via the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), in the town of Cambridge, in Boston, Massachusetts. However, perhaps fearful of the revolt spreading, the company have started to victimise Tasia Edmonds, an IWW member in the next door town of Fenway. The IWW are appealing for help from supporters worldwide, and here is the message from Boston IWW:

Insomnia Cookies has suspended IWW Organizer Tasia Edmonds w/o pay for a month, falsely claiming she was "unprofessional" and neglected to serve her any formal written notice. You're invited to take action against union-busting by the boutique cookie business. Join IWW and our allies as we picket in support of Tasia!

Please also email the company at, & call CEO Seth Berkowitz at 877 632-6654. Suggested message: "It is intolerable that IWW Organizer Tasia Edmonds has been suspended without pay for her union activity. Please take immediate action to bring Tasia back to work, and compensate her for any loss in pay. Union-busting is disgusting!"


Background: Tasia went public with her union affiliation on December 7. She has been building the union in her store.In February, a new manager began harassing her about her union membership. On March 9, Tasia was told she has been suspended without pay for a month! The union is filing Unfair Labor Practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). An organizing drive began at Insomnia in August after 4 workers spontaneously went on strike. Their demands included $15/hr, health care, and a union, and they were immediately fired. Despite recently promising to give about $4,000 in back pay to the strikers, and post a notice in the store pledging not to retaliate against workers for union activity, Insomnia is apparently still determined to crush the union drive. The union is even more determined to get justice for Tasia and all workers at Insomnia!

The IWW has set up a solidarity fund, to cover Tasia's expenses for her month's suspension.
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