Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kiev Students Call For Solidarity

The following urgent message comes from comrades in Ukraine:

from an occupied uni in Kyiv [Kiev]:

We, the libertarian leftists (around independent students' trade union Direct Action https://www.facebook.com/prjama.dija, Journal of Social Criticism "Commons" - http://commons.com.ua, Liva - Ukrainian leftists http://liva.com.ua etc.) from Ukraine are convinced that the withdrawal of special forces was not final. Also, we know that the new government is going to crack down on the beginnings of self-organisation. We already have some examples, i.e. many of us are located in the occupied Ministry of Education and participate in the "student self-defense". Yesterday, some extreme right-wingers attempted to gain control over the building, yet we haven't let them. We are sure it will repeat.

Therefore we need your help, at this stage - it means mostly financial help. The financial resources will be spent on legal means of self-defense and communication: bullet-proof vests, shields, helmets, walkie-talkies, mobile phones, gas sprays, legal non-lethal weapons etc. 

You may send some resources via Moneygram to name [Olga Papash]
Moneygram may not work in some countries. Therefore, it is desirable to send bigger sums through Western Union to name [Olga Papash] (the best way is to send bigger sums, as then the commission seems more reasonable)

Many comrade thanks,
Ilija Vlasiuk 
Prjama Dija/Direct Action
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