Monday, February 24, 2014

IWGB Workers Make More Gains at University of London

IWGB cleaners struck for their gains, so caterers didn't even have to!
After the successful and disruptive strikes by cleaners at the University of London, it seems that sometimes all workers have to do in order to make bosses take notice is join a fighting union. This morning, the Industrial Workers of Great Britain published the following statement on their blog:

Over the last month many Aramark [catering] workers at the University of London have joined the IWGB in order to resolve issues such as zero-hour contracts, sick pay and holidays and bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Following an initial meeting with Aramark’s UK HR Operations Director Adrian Goldacre, the company has already agreed the following
  1. Zero-hours contracts
All those working full-time on zero-hour contracts will be moved to permanent contracts – please get in touch if you have any questions regarding this.
  1. Sick Pay and Holidays
Letters should be going out to all Aramark staff by 1 April offering them improved sick pay and holiday arrangements, including up to 33 days holiday a year, and up to 6 months full sick pay.
  1. Bullying and harassment
A guarantee of an investigation into all instances of bullying and harassment within the company, and an assurance that any complaints will be taken seriously without risk of reprisals from management.
  1. Union membership
Aramark have stated that all employees are free to associate with a trade union, and that managers need to understand this clearly.

We’re already making great progress, but we need your help to do more. The more members the union has, the stronger we are. If you work for Aramark and want to join the IWGB, please contact Jason Moyer-Lee ( or call 07771783094). If you are already a member, please tell your colleagues!
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