Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Resistance: Bedroom Tax, Welfare Caps and The State

I'm speaking at the following event next month, focusing on the topic of 'mobilising resistance movements'.

Panel Discussion with:
Adam Ford, Joe Halewood, Lynn Hancock and Gerry Mooney
October 14th – 5pm-7pm
Liverpool John Moores University
John Foster Building,
80-90 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool

One year on since the introduction of welfare reforms – such as welfare caps, bedroom tax and the reassessment of incapacity benefits – we have witnessed a collective struggle where communities have joined forces to resist the state and protect our rights to housing, privacy and family life. People experiencing mental health issues and physical disabilities, single female headed households, tenants between the ages of 16 and 35 and tenants housed in high rent areas have so far been hit the hardest by these welfare reforms. This session invites people to relate experiences of community-based protests and what the future holds for these. It will do so by drawing upon the approaches and tactics used so far by activists, housing experts, lawyers and academics to support communities who have been gravely and directly affected by welfare reforms.
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