Sunday, September 22, 2013

Liverpool Antifascists Gather to Commemorate Pavlos Fyssas

On Saturday evening, fifteen Liverpool antifascists gathered at very short notice, to commemorate our comrade Pavlos Fyssas, who was murdered by a supporter of the Greek neo-fascist Golden Dawn party. The assembly - next to the Victoria monument in Derby Square - was arranged via Facebook and word of mouth, and was intended to show our solidarity with Greek antifascism.

Alongside their attacks on leftists and antifascists, Golden Dawn target immigrants and LGBTQ people, amongst other already marginalised groups. In the absence of a coherent class-based alternative to the economic catastrophe in Greece, Golden Dawn have gained a dangerous and growing following by posing as anti-establishment outsiders. However, some consider them to be a paramilitary arm of the Greek state.

Similar gatherings happened simultaneously in Manchester, London, Derry, and many cities across Europe. The Greek struggle is our struggle! The battle continues! Pavlos Fyssas lives on!
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