Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The New Working Class Movement (Introduction)

Almost a year ago, noting a general lull in mass resistance, I wrote an article asking "Why Isn't There A Working Class Movement In The UK?". In that piece I tried to identify various barriers to us building such a movement, despite the massive need for it. I finished by saying:
"Amidst the bankers' crisis, things will continue to get worse for our class in the UK, in Greece, Egypt, South Africa and around the planet. Working class people will increasingly feel they have little to lose from fighting, and everything to gain. Despite the machinations of the union hierarchies and fake left parties, a new working class movement must come, and sooner rather than later. What should it look like? Well that's a subject for another time..." 
That time has come. In the intervening period I've been playing my part in what looks like becoming the first major stand against 'austerity Britain' - the fight against the bedroom tax. That battle is now reaching a critical stage, and I think it sheds some light on the potential for mass struggle not seen since pre-war times. The first part of this series will look at that mini-movement, and will attempt to situate it within broader trends of resistance.

Following that, I will examine: workplace organisation, how we can beat the cuts locally and nationally, the importance of intersectionality to class struggle, the place of the British working class in the world struggle, creating a new world, full socialism, and full communism.

I'm not some prophet or anything, I'm mostly doing this to sort my own thoughts out, so please let me know what you reckon to what I have to say, and hopefully together we can develop some new theories/revolutionary praxis.

Community Organisation
Workplace Organisation
Beating The Cuts
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