Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Torture Garden Release 'The Great Depression'

“...this is not a music album and after five tracks I have switched off as there is no way I can sit through two hours of this” - Destructive Music

“I think this full-length represents a new (vicious) concept and a good surprise. If this is a love/hate thing, then I’m one of the lovers” -
La Nuit Americaine

Several years in the making, The Great Depression is still relentlessly ‘now’. It is soaked in the state of the society we are living in. The misery raining down from on high is drowning those below, and yet people around the world are starting to fight back with pent-up ferocity. We are entering an age of revolutions, and Torture Garden aim for their new album to reflect both the suffering of billions and the hope they create when they come together and resist!

The Great Depression is the third release from Merseyside, United Kingdom’s dark, experimental metal band Torture Garden. A double-disc album in its physical form, the album was initially released as a ‘pay what you want’ download on the 1st of July, 2013, with CD copies made available later. The album was recorded in a variety of locations, and marks a huge stylistic advance on 2011’s Dead Romantic.

This is very much a heavy metal album, but it really is heavy metal like you’ve never heard before, because it’s never been made like this before. Radical ruptures with the past are required in metal too. We could list our influences, but why try to sound like other people when you can sound like yourself? So sure, expect crushing heaviness and sick vocals, but also anticipate industrial vibes, weird samples all over the place, spoken word sections, and even a folk ballad. Extremism in all things is the only law that Torture Garden lives by. Boundaries are prisons.

Brothers Adam (lyrics/lead vocals) and Matt Ford (composition/all other instruments) have provided most of the sounds for The Great Depression, but they’ve also worked hard to source relevant material from history and all around the globe. Guest appearances by other contributors are peppered throughout the one hundred and nine minutes of this release.


Track listing:

  1. The Great Depression
  2. Pervert
  3. Of All Evil
  4. Testament Of The Tapeworm
  5. Mister Mammon
  6. Circuses Without Bread
  7. Hideous In Their Glory
  8. In Memory Of The Fallen
  9. Together, Reborn
  10. Defying The Laws Of Hell
  11. The Great Dictator
  12. The Clearing Of Misery
  13. Mists Of Time
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