Monday, June 03, 2013

Why I Won't Be Giving In To Enablers Of Fascism

Fascist Kurtis Cawley (hands in trouser pockets) at a Knowsley demo
Last Saturday, I was sitting on the bed at home, when my mobile went off. It was a text informing me that the Merseyside Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation had just voted to let the Knowsley group I'd written about a couple of weeks back affiliate. This was a shock, because I believed our anti-oppression statement would be enough to effectively exclude them so long as they continued refusing to exclude and distance themselves from actual living, breathing fascists - fascists who have attacked the very building they were sitting in. Sadly I was wrong in that belief, and Rhiannon Lowton has explained in some detail how that happened.

'That's it then', I thought to myself, 'no-one other than white, straight, cisgendered, able-bodied, right-wing men can consider themselves safe at Federation meetings.' After all, surely I don't need to state that fascists have killed already oppressed and marginalised people again and again and again. This was absolutely not, as I heard the chair had described it, just "Facebook gossip".

So that was a bit shit. Then just one minute later I got a tweet from the victorious and fully approved Knowsley Fight The Bedroom Tax. "U have until midnight Sunday to remove the comments about us on ALL blogs, or legal action commences". Now this wasn't a total surprise, as the Knowsley admin had threatened such activity on the comments section of my post outing the group. In that exchange, he had completely misrepresented my arguments, and then called allegations I had never made 'lies'. But it was galling that there was such an obvious timing link between the Federation's backing and his reinforced threat to pursue me for libel.

He's welcome to waste his time, energy and money doing that, if he has any spare. Personally I don't, and I'd much rather he spent his on something for the people of Knowsley he claims to care so much about. Oh, and unfriend this man on Facebook.
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