Sunday, March 24, 2013

Liverpool Combat The Bedroom Tax Demonstration Announced

The following is a repost from the Combat the Bedroom Tax blog:

Here are the details for the Liverpool bedroom tax demonstration on Sat, 30th March. Please note meeting point change for South Liverpool groups.

Please circulate to friends, colleagues, family & community:

Combat the Bedroom Tax - Sat, 30th March - Liverpool City Centre

On Saturday 30th of March, Liverpool grassroots anti-bedroom tax campaigns will take to the streets of Liverpool to combat an all out attack on working class people.

We have seen that Government, whatever suit it wears, does not support working class unity and it is up to us to work together and smash this bedroom tax outright.

We are not just faced with the attack on working class people disguised as the bedroom tax: the benefit cap, personal independence payment, council tax support cut, the benefit up-rating bill will all decimate the working class.

The bedroom tax is pushing people to the edge, and there are far more cuts to hit people who are both in and out of work.

It is up to us, our friends, our neighbours, our communities to stand together in working class unity, without politicians or councillors, and combat this attack on working class people, on what it means to have a home and to be a human being.

Tenants have reached the point now were they are swerving the disempowering and ‘traditional’ methods of protest --And we don’t need parliament stooges calling us to action. We’ll do that ourselves.

From North Liverpool & Bootle - Sat 30th March

There will be a pre-meeting event for the more mobile and willing Stand Up In Bootle members and supporters on Saturday 30th March 2013. This will be at: Great Homer St Market meeting at 11:45am and leaving about 12:15pm marching onwards to St George's Hall for 1PM.

From South Liverpool - Sat 30th March

People from South Liverpool bedroom tax groups will now be meeting at Victoria Monument, Derby Square (outside Crown Courts) at 12noon instead of Myrtle Parade, Liverpool L7 7EL to march on St George's Hall

or Assemble at St George's Hall

If you can't make the feeder marches, for whatever reason, then we'll see you at St George's Hall (plateau-side) at 1pm

Let's combat the bedroom tax and the rest of the attacks on our welfare on the 30th of March!
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