Sunday, March 17, 2013

Labour Bullshit Fails To Satisfy Liverpool Bedroom Tax Demonstrators

This awesome pic of Labour politicians has its own caption included!
It was the Labour Party-organised, astroturfed demo 'against' the Bedroom Tax yesterday. Despite the platform speakers' repeated claims that it was about "Liverpool coming together", the ultra-rich's second favourite party had arranged near-identical protests in almost every major UK city, and no doubt very similar cross-class messages were put out everywhere. Not surprisingly, the various Labour politicians droned on and on about how bad the Bedroom Tax will be, but offered no wider perspective than blaming the coalition government, or any kind of strategy on how to stop evictions.

The crowd of maybe two hundred - small even compared to the recent Bootle anti-Bedroom Tax demo - was very divided, with a large percentage being Labour politicians, local party members or otherwise loyalists. But maybe half were activists from the growing Combat The Bedroom Tax movement, or otherwise unaligned real people looking for a way to fight against the destitution of themselves, their friends or family. This last group proved very receptive to our message that no political party can be trusted, and that community-based direct action is the only way to prevent the Bedroom Tax being implemented. More will come to our side once Labour disappear, the money doesn't stretch far enough and the bailiffs come a-calling.

I'll say no more about it for now, because excellent reports and reflections have already been posted on the Combat The Bedroom Tax blog, and here, here, and here.

Upcoming Combat the Bedroom Tax meetings:
Dingle (with Canning): 7:30pm, 19th March, Tuesday, The Florrie, Mill St.
Croxteth: 7pm, Tuesday 19th March, Croxteth Sports Centre, Altcross Rd.
Garston: 7pm, Wednesday 20th March, Methodist Church Hall, Banks Road.
Clubmoor/Norris Green: 7pm, Thursday 21st March, Broadway Pub, Newhall Lane.
Granby: 7:30pm, Thursday 21st March, The Greenhouse, Tiber Street.
Kirby: 7pm, Tuesday 19th March, Sacred Heart Club, Briery Hey Ave.
Wallasey: 7:30pm, Wednesday 27th March, Park View Social Club, Liscard Rd
There are also several other groups in Merseyside, including 2 in the Wirral and the large Stand Up in Bootle campaign. 
A Public Assembly will be held on April 6th to bring all the various bedroom tax community groups together. Details to follow.
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