Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anti-Workfare Activists Blockade A4e Liverpool Communications

At the time of writing, anti-workfare activists on Merseyside and around the UK are mounting a communications blockade on A4e Liverpool.

A4e (Action for Employment) are notorious private sector enablers of the government's plans to force the growing numbers of unemployed into unpaid work, on pain of losing their barely subsistence-level benefits. This is an attack on the entire working class, as it exerts downwards pressure on all wages and working conditions. For this reason, a communications blockade - with the aim of making the administration of workfare unprofitable - is an act of working class self-defence.

Today's action is just one part of a coordinated campaign against workfare. Other events will be publicised on the Liverpool Solidarity Federation website.

Below are contact details for A4e. Use any means necessary to make your point - argument, music, whatever. The main thing is to tie up their communications as much as possible. And spread the word!

Tel: 0151 243 3670

Fax: 0151 236 1991
Send free faxes online via - http://www.freepopfax.com/
From popfax, input number as +44 (leave out 0)

A4e Chief Executive Officer: ADutton@a4e.co.uk
General A4e e-mail: customerservices@a4e.co.uk
Free email - https://www.hushmail.com/

If you use Twitter, also feel free to make your complaints to these accounts:

@LouiseSDuncan Development Director - active
@JoelAWms Wales Development Director for A4e – m-active
@JustineZwerling A4e's international department - secure
@AniaMendrek Operations manager - active
@A4eJoBlundell Group Development Director for A4e - inactive
@Masonic53 A4e Director of Disability Strategy m-active
@AllanAllison Business Developer for A4e - inactive
@ByrneJen Strategic Director - Justice at A4e - inactive
@robharvey Research Manager at A4e active
@JontOC – Director of Strategy & Policy at A4e – v active/will respond
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