Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is Truth The First Casualty Of War In Syria?

The Houla massacre was a disgusting crime, but who was responsible for it?
Footage of the Houla massacre's aftermath has sparked waves of revulsion around the world amongst those who have seen the footage. More than a hundred were killed at close range, with children comprising almost half of the victims. Body parts lay scattered about, skull bones were exposed - the cameras captured a scene of true horror. But look what the Syrian government are saying about the incident...

Referring to the activities of the "Free Syrian Army", Qasim Jamal Sleiman, head of the Assad regime's investigation team, told Syrian television that:
"The goal of the armed operation was to completely terminate the presence of the state in the area and to make it one that it is out of the control of the state."
Speaking of those killed at short range, Sleiman declared that:
"All of the martyrs are from peaceful families who refused to stand against the state and have never demonstrated or carried weapons against the state. They were in disagreement with the armed terrorist groups, which confirms that there was a goal and an interest to kill them."
"The place where the massacre was committed is an area where armed terrorist groups are present. The security forces did not enter the area before or after the massacre and the area is far from the checkpoints where the security forces are positioned."
Of course, there are plenty of reason to doubt Sleiman - as an Assad employee he is far from independent. But there is more reason to doubt the word of imperialist warmongers such as Hillary Clinton, who seized on the massacre in an attempt to raise the pressure on global rivals Russia and China.

Assad is commanding a counter-insurgency operation against forces equipped directly and indirectly by the United States of America. The US wants rid of Assad, because they know his Shia-dominated administration is the most powerful regional ally of Iran - which stands as a glittering oil-filled prize for the slavering western dogs of war. In these circumstances, how could it possibly benefit Assad to order the slaughter of children, knowing as must that pictures world be beamed across oceans within seconds, and become such profitable propaganda for American, British and French elites seeking regime change?

There is no doubt that Assad must be removed, for the sake of almost Syrians. But that task falls primarily to the Syrian working class, who could theoretically bring about his downfall without firing a single bullet, much as the Egyptian workers did with their strike wave against the hated tyrant Mubarak. The Libya experience demonstrates that positive change cannot come from the barrel of NATO cannons. And as I have previously stated, the push for war in Syria and Iran could create a conflagration with the potential to engulf the planet.
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