Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shop owned by National Front mayoral candidate picketed by anti-fascists

The following is a press release from Liverpool Antifascists:

On Saturday 28 April, Liverpool Antifascists picketed Quiggins Attique, owned by National Front mayoral candidate Peter Tierney.

Anti-fascists held a banner aloft over the shop front between 10am and 12.30pm, whilst giving out leaflets and speaking to passers by. Tierney, previously a member of the British National Party before defecting to the National Front, has a prior conviction for attacking a trade unionist with a camera tripod. He was also involved in another fracas in December 2010 which saw his brother charged with assault for punching an anti-fascist.

The response from members of the public was overwhelmingly positive. The only exception was a man who lives above the shop, who tried to threaten the picket with a large dog and a chain wrapped around his hand. He soon fled when the threat failed. Throughout the event, Tierney stayed within his shop and kept it closed until around 2pm. It was due to have opened at 10.30am.

In the past few months, we have seen the National Front resurrect itself by linking up with the North West Infidels street movement. Both represent a shift back to more openly neo-Nazi policies and more open violence from the far-right. If they are not met with active opposition, they will only grow in confidence and feel safe to attack ethnic minorities, trade unionists and other opponents without repercussions. There can be no doubt that the fascists have abandoned all pretense of 'respectability.'

Once more, the 'march and grow' tactics of Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts are in vogue, and the worst example of that was on February 18 when they were able to run amok in full view of the police in the City Centre. We need to make sure that never happens again and see that they are met with mass opposition wherever they go. 


[1] Liverpool Antifascists is an autonomous group of local activists, dedicated to driving fascism from the streets of Liverpool. We exist to confront fascist ideas, activities, and organisations wherever and however they occur.

[2] On February 18, 250 fascists from groups including the North West Infidels gathered in Liverpool to oppose "the IRA." In reality, this was a march by the local Irish community. The march suffered sectarian abuse along the route, whilst the mob of fascists in town forced the police to block the roads. A number of left wing activists and ethnic minorities were attacked in the City Centre by the far-right, even in full view of police, without consequence.
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