Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bogus 'Ceasefire' in Syria as Washington Prepares War Pretext

As ever, America's imperialist propaganda is breathtakingly hypocritical
To get some idea of how absurd the Syria situation is, imagine the following scenario:

The United States government is under attack by an insurgent group, which lists kidnappings and bombings in its modus operandi. The insurgents are being aided by Canada and Mexico, with Mexico planning to seize some US territory in order to create a 'humanitarian corridor'. Not surprisingly, the Obama administration tries to put down the insurgency. Sure, it is often brutal and uncaring in doing so, but when did any regime respond with passivity in the face of a guerrilla uprising? Meanwhile, threats from China and Russia have compelled Obama to agree to United Nations inspections, and finally a 'ceasefire'. But the terms of the ceasefire demanded by America's imperialist rivals stipulates that the government forces remove themselves from towns and villages first, before the 'rebels' stop their attacks forty-eight hours later.

In February I described how: "The past couple of months have seen a sustained effort to create a pretext for attacking Syria. The Syrian government - like the Libyan Gaddafi regime before it - is currently undertaking a brutal crackdown on the "rebel" movement which emerged from last year's 'Arab spring'. Of course, the same could be said of the Bahraini government for example, but Bahrain is an American ally. So the Obama administration is using its Arab League proxies - each of which receives large foreign aid and military assistance from US imperialism - to give the coming military intervention a regional popularist colouring."

This pretext could now be only hours away from its rollout. Yes, the Syrian 'rebels' have an extra forty-eight hours to continue their terrorism. If the regime of Bashar al-Assad puts up any defence during that time, you can expect the international powers and their lickspittle media to denounce him, and step up their support for the 'rebellion' - which is led by former regime figures and Islamists, and has no positive programme for the Syrian people. After that, the bloodletting will dramatically increase on all sides, and amongst civilians with no love for any army.

The imperialist struggle to remove Assad is for once not primarily based on the desire for control of natural resources within the nation ruled by the west's latest demon. Its aim is to remove the only regional government sympathetic to Iran, which is being targeted by hugely provocative economic sanctions ahead of an international conference on its nuclear programme.

The US and Israel are determined - for slightly different but overlapping reasons - to remove the clerical Iranian regime, and replace it with one more willing to aid US imperialism. For Israel, Iran is a local rival, and it threatens its immediate sphere of influence. For the US, Iran is a massive source of oil wealth, albeit one that is presided over by a government allied to China and Russia - America's up and coming rivals on the world stage.

War in Syria will almost certainly be followed by a conflict in Iran which will dwarf that of Iraq. And there is no guarantee that China and Russia will simply sit on the sidelines and allow their influence and oil supply to be diminshed. As I warned in February, the Syrian war potentially contains the seeds of World War Three.
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