Wednesday, April 04, 2012

April Issue of The Commune

Another fun-packed edition of The Commune is out!

The editorial looks with horror at the prospect of yet more "liberal wars for democracy" - or more accurately 'oil wars' - in Syria and Iran. It concludes:

"We do not think that wars are too expensive, or that they are ‘mistakes’. Nor do we in any wish to play down the crimes of the Iranian or Syrian régimes against their own people. But most importantly, we do not accept that the plight of those peoples should become a tool of Western foreign policy. If we are to avoid yet more ‘humanitarian’ Iraqs and Afghanistans, we must intransigently oppose intervention of any kind, anywhere."

Inside, Bob Goupillot and Allan Armstrong of the Republican Communist Network argue the communist case for Scottish independence, rather going against my contention that it is an unwelcome diversion from class issues. There's also an article from the Revolutionary Women of Afghanistan, as they mark another year of opposition to the US/UK occupation, the Karzai government, and Taliban elements now in negotiations with western imperialism.

My own article celebrates the Sparks rank and file electricians' success in overturning pay cuts of up to 35%, but warns that: "they must continue to resist the Unite leadership's attempts to strangle their movement. If Sparks are to finally defeat the construction companies' attacks, they must continue to strengthen their solidarity, and draw in other groups of workers. The time will come when this requires a conscious split from Unite."

Also, Sheila Cohen cites the example of the Sparks to argue for a re-orientation of the struggle against austerity:

"This, comrades, is how to fight the good fight. The plethora of “anti-cuts campaigns” which have mushroomed across the country since – well, since Thatcher really began to sink her teeth into us all, since “New Labour” showed itself to be viciously distinct from the bad-enough old variety, and since the Con-Dems graced us with their reinvention of concepts like “education” and “health care” – hold in common their fundamental absence of – well, teeth. The only people who can fight these cuts are those who, like the Sparks, have both teeth and muscle born of their firm grounding in – guess where – the workplace."

Click here for the PDF, and here for a full list of articles.
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