Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cosmo - Picket Line Party: Adventures In Austerity Britain

If the world needs any new album right now, it is this one. The same goes for your collection. What more could you want than a warm, funny call to arms for the wretched earth brough to you by a Scottish-Hungarian-Welsh anarchist Eric Idle?

The tone is set by the kazoo-infused joyful jauntiness of opener Strike! Occupy! Resist!, which calls for struggles everywhere to overthrow those who "take the piss". The bit at the end about Martians coming to our planet and being confused we can't take them to our leader is brilliant! And it's an extremely difficult chorus not to sing along to!

Oh! To Be In England (Now The EDL's In Town) follows at a hundred miles an hour, with a hilarious take-down of the so-called English Defence League. Then I Could Play You A Million Love Songs (But You're Only Gonna Get This One) is more laid back, but still manages to get a anti-patriarchal point across, while No Gods, No Masters is a four minute discursive essay on violence at demos.

The Notorious Clench Of Professional Brits then whimsically rips it out of the upper crust, before all cheekiness exits stage left for Deep Cover, an attack on those such as 'Mark Jacobs', the cop who pretended to be a Welsh activist for many years. The filth are also the target on Who's Gonna Take The Rap?, which cries for justice in the name of "Jean Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson, Blair Peach" (you could also add Smiley Culture, Mark Duggan and hundreds of others). But perhaps my favourite cut from this release is Music Hall War!!!, which narrates a 1907 struggle between musicians and bosses, before explaining that even today, "when we stand together, we make the bastards pay".

Get hold of this now. Cosmo has a great talent for combining serious messages with fun, often celebratory rhymes and skilled musicianship. If you are often angry at The Man and have both ears and a sense of humour, Picket Line Party is guaranteed to put a grin on our face, a spring in your step, and determination in your quest for self-determination.

Picket Line Party - Adventures In Austerity Britain is available here.
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