Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help My Turkish Friend Raise Money For His Film!

Paper Boat from Ozgur Karakaya on Vimeo.

Look, I know you've probably got hardly any money 'spare' at the moment, and if you do have some then you could probably think of other things to do with it, rather than give it to my Turkish friend so he can make a film. So that's why I'm not asking you to give anything if you can't afford it, I just want you to pass the info on in any way you can.

Ozgur Karakaya has been living in the UK for quite a few years now, and he's trying to raise money for a new film, called Paper Boat, about a ten-year-old boy whose father is a prisoner in Turkey, which Ozgur says was partly inspired by the work of Ken Loach. He's using the Sponsume platform, which means people are able to pledge money via the film's web page, and the total so far is shown next to the number of days remaining in the appeal. So far, Ozgur has raised 24% of his £1,250 goal, and there are thirty-eight days remaining.

Please visit the Paper Boat page, take a look at what Ozgur and his producer have to say, and then spread the word however you can. Thankyou.
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