Friday, January 20, 2012

The Commune Looks Forward to 2012

I'm more than a week late to the party, but the latest issue of The Commune is out, dedicated as ever to workers' self management and communism from below. It happens to include two articles from me (covering the Thatcher government's war on the Liverpool working class and an apparently successful peasant uprising in China). But there are many other reasons to give it a read!

As you might expect from a January edition, it has something of a looking back and looking ahead duality to it. As the editorial explains:
"[...] this month’s issue of The Commune features extensive discussion of the state of the anti-cuts movement but also how we can go beyond 'anticuts', including, for example, how healthcare can really best be run or how workplace struggles can push back the rule of capital."
Also well worth examining is Taimour Lay's look at the crisis in print media from the perspective of a radical journalist, and student Jack Staunton's analysis of the limited inquiry into London School of Economics' ties to the deposed Libyan regime.

All this is available for PDF download here, as well as from radical bookshops, social centres, and by emailing If you enjoy the paper, the price of a couple of pints a month would be of great use to us. Email us, or set up a standing order to The Commune, Co-op sc. 089299 ac. 65317440. The Commune has a Facebook group here.
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