Friday, November 11, 2011

The War To End All Wars

This is my overall prize-winning entry for the 'Dulce Et Decorum...Next!' poetry competition. It is being read at the re-dedication of the war memorial at Port Sunlight, Wirral today, by former Brookside actor Dean Sullivan. The contest was promoted by the Birkenhead-based Wilfred Owen Story.

I could fight for my lover
Because I love the world with her in it
I could fight for my brother
Because we've shared quite a bit
I could fight for my parents
Because they gave me life
And I could fight with my companions
Because solidarity is might

But I could never fight for the queen
She's not lifted a finger for me
I could never fight for 'my country'
I don't own any of it really
I could never fight for a flag
Which could never shield us from pain
And I couldn't fight for wealthy parasites
Who pour blood, sweat and tears down the drain

There are epic battles coming
And we'll have to pick a side
I know my place already
I know who I'll fight beside
I'll fight arms in arms with those who want peace
I'll fight side by side for the turning of the tide
I'll fight shoulder to shoulder for food, clothes and shelter
I'll fight to the end for comrades and friends
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