Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Commune on Occupy, Strikes and Students

With the 'Occupy' occupations continuing to spread around the globe, and the 30th November public sector strikes approaching, The Commune's monthly free newspaper looks at the prospects for the emergence of a new working class movement challenging the new normal of austerity for "the 99%".

The editorial declares that: "a one-day strike will not be
sufficient to stop these attacks on our living standards and jobs. We have to build a movement which is prepared to go beyond limited strike action or the aim of trade union officialdom to merely put pressure on the government; our aim should be to go beyond capitalism."

The Commune's correspondents detail the strengths - as well as the contrasts and contradictons of the Occupy movement. Sharon Borthwick's vivid account of her visit to Occupy London sites is a case in point, describing how "There is an air of hippydom floating about the place, but also of serious debate." There are also reports from Bristol, Oakland (online only) and Israel. Meanwhile, Oisín Mac Giallomóir debunks two dangerous myths prevalent which seem to be prevalent amongst many occupations.

Two articles comment on the issues around the brutal eviction of Irish Travellers from their Dale Farm home. Dominic Fitzgerald provides an account of the day itself, while Richard B. takes issue with some ideas in last month's paper.

In other topical articles, Greg Brown looks for a way forward for students, and with the Sparks day of action looming, my own article analyses why "The rank-and-file workers need to develop a resistance strategy, and fast."

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