Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Commune Tackles Capitalist Crisis, Dale Farm and Grassroots Struggle

The summer of riots are now behind us, and we're digging in for a long, hard winter of struggle ahead. What better way to ponder your place in the proletariat than with the October issue of The Commune - the self-titled publication of the group committed to workers' self-management and communism from below?

The editorial looks at the Labour conference and the 30th November public sector strike, and Clifford Biddulph argues that Labour will never be on our side. In other news, Pete Jones writes on the complexities of the Palestinian bid for statehood, and Sharon Borthwick examines the brutal state murder of Troy Davis.

The workplace section features recollections of life as a 'chugger' (or 'charity mugger'), Mark Harrison's visit to a Fujitsu picket in Manchester, and my own introduction to the rank-and-file 'Sparks' electricians

Meanwhile various communards weigh in on the theme of capitalist crisis. David Broder looks at criris responses in Italy, Oisín Mac Giollamóir describes the politicians' 'whack a mole' approach to averting economic collapse, and John Keeley tries to explain the crisis cycle using Marx's magnum opus Capital.

This, plus more Eurozone and Libya analysis, is available for PDF download here, as well as from radical bookshops, social centres, and by emailing This is the third issue of The Commune distributed for free. After the last one we received excellent feedback, and as such are looking to expand our distribution network. Would you like to share these ideas with friends or colleagues? Leave a few in your local library or café?

But to get our communist message out there, we also need money. If you enjoy the paper, the price of a couple of pints a month would be of great use to us. Email us, or set up a standing order to The Commune, Co-op sc. 089299 ac. 65317440
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