Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marxism Versus Anarchism: Round 1871

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With the Alliance for Workers' Liberty holding a couple of meetings where they debate various anarchists, people have been putting a spate of articles online, both reviewing the events and offering their own wider perspectives. As someone who tries to synthesise Marxism and anarchism - and who insists that they have far more in common than they have important differences - this has been quite interesting. However, if the AWL are to be called Marxists, then like Marx I have to say "ce qu'il y a de certain c'est que moi, je ne suis pas Marxiste” (“what is certain is that I myself am not a Marxist").

As ever, Phil Dickens at Truth, Reason and Liberty is first out of the blocks, and he posted a concise and fairly standard anarchist position when faced with self-styled Trotskyists or Stalinists. Anarchist FAQ author Iain McKay has contributed a lengthy and - he'll admit - quite rambling rundown of his London debate, at which an AWL-er allegedly warned that "if anarchists continue to talk like that after a revolution then you had better watch out"! Freedom In The 21st's version of the Liverpool debate covers much the same ground as Phil's piece, albeit with more detail, while the ever-thoughtful Cautiously Pessimistic prefers to take on the more established pseudo-Trots of the Socialist Workers Party.

Hopefully your reading of these articles will bring us closer to a united working class movement!
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