Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Commune Now as Free as We All Must Be

The new edition of The Commune is a big step forward for the group, as we continue to strive for "workers' self-management and communism from below". The paper will now be distributed free, and in much larger numbers than before.

The editorial focuses on the Murdoch 'hackgate' scandal, but maintains that "the problem is not only that the wealthy control the media and so use it to promote their own economic interests", but also that "the mass media is not a participatory, collective exchange of ideas". To that end, The Commune "aims to be understandable but also a serious, in-depth engagement between reader and writer".

As the US and UK officially recognise the so-called 'Transitional' authority, Joe Thorne looks at what NATO is doing in Libya. Meanwhile David Broder examines the SWP's 'Marxism' event, and asks how the libertarian left should engage with rank and file comrades in the 'left parties'.

There are also four write-ups of the 30th June public sector strikes, a look at an anti-cuts struggle at a college, and proof that direct action really can get the goods.

All this and more is available for PDF download here, as well as from radical bookshops, social centres, and by emailing
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