Thursday, June 16, 2011

Issue 23 of The Commune

Issue 23 of The Commune has been published - dedicated as ever to "workers self-management and communism from below".

The lead article offers a progress report on the 'Egyptian revolution', while there are also analyses of the struggles in Spain and Haiti.

But things are hotting up in the UK too, and the letters page has contributions from readers who will be striking on 30th June.

Meanwhile, Daniel Harvey examines the £18,000 a year New College of the Humanities, Dawn Harvey talks to young people sick of being harrassed by the cops in Glasgow's Possilpark, and Sheila Cohen offers the most exhaustive dissection of last month's local election results that you could ever wish for.

In addition, Tom Denning looks at the social meaning of suicide, Donal O’Falluin writes on the relationship of football to the Irish working class, and Clifford Biddulph reminds us of the Paris Commune.

All this and more is available for PDF download here, as well as from radical bookshops, social centres, and by emailing
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