Friday, June 03, 2011

Glasgow Defence Committee Condemns Police Violence At Demo

The Glasgow Defence Campaign - which was "established to oppose political policing and defend democratic rights in the struggle against the cuts" - has condemned police repression of a demo at Strathclyde University yesterday. The march around the campus was organised to protest the cutting of Geography, Sociology, and Community Education courses.

According to the GDC:
"During the demonstration, police moved to arrest a student ISG activist for the apparent crime of speaking on a megaphone on the steps of the McCance building. Another student was assaulted by officers, thrown to the ground and subsequently arrested. A young woman was punched in the face as she moved to help her partner. The GDC welcomes the initiative shown by protesters, who moved to defend those attacked and arrested, blocking the police vans from moving for over two hours, filming and photographing the actions of the police. Around 25 police and a helicopter were eventually deployed."
Click here for the full statement.
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