Thursday, January 20, 2011

Issue 20 of The Commune Published

The January issue of The Commune has now been published. Highlights include a look at the recent Tunisian uprising, several articles on the emerging student movement, and of course my own Julian Assange/WikiLeaks article!

Though I haven't read them yet, Sharon Borthwick's take on David Cameron's 'advice' to striking workers (i.e. don't!), Allan Armstrong's examination of Tommy Sheridan's "celebrity socialism" and Ronan McAoidh's dissection of the catastrophic (for everyone but bankers and politicians) Irish economy all seem worth ten minutes of anyone's time.

Click here for a PDF version, or contact The Commune at if you would like to buy a printed copy (£1 + 50p postage) or set up a subscription (£12 a year UK/£16 EU/£20 international).

Issue 2 of The Educator - a bulletin for militant education workers and students - is also now available.
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