Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nerve 17 Launched On Merseyside

I'm no longer involved in producing Nerve magazine, but they seem to be doing very well without me! This new issue celebrates the centenery of the 1911 Liverpool general transport strike, as well as many other local events. The inspiring calendar contains new and rare artwork and photographs, plus many interesting facts from one hundred years ago. This is no dry history lesson. As the editorial says:

"NERVE calendars always show stimulating and thought-provoking art and dates of special significance to our culture. They are a reminder to us that people have always fought to defend and improve our standard of living. And they aim to inspire hope and courage in this period of Con-Dem cuts.

"1911 was a time when the pace of struggle was dictated not by the leaders of Trades Unions or the Labour Party, but by workers who relied on each other. There are lessons here for us as we build networks to defend our schools, libraries, the NHS and other services."

Click here for the full index. Paper copies available from News From Nowhere, libraries and art galleries.
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