Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Communist Propaganda Hits The Streets

The past couple of days has seen editions of two excellent communist publications hit the streets of the UK, as well as cyberspace.

Firstly, The Commune group have published the nineteenth issue of our self-titled monthly paper, with an editorial on Iain Duncan Smith's "plan to force unemployed people to work a 30-hour week of manual labour to ‘earn’ the £65 Jobseekers’ Allowance", in the context of the coaltion's "cuts project". There are articles about the ultra-right US "Tea Party", the precarious nature of bar work, and scab company AssetCo's attempts to break the recent London firefighter strike. David Broder reviews a book on Bolivia's radical tradition, and Sheila Cohen has a bone to pick with the "feel-good" industrial struggle film Made In Dagenham. The index is here, and a PDF version can be downloaded from here.

Meanwhile, Manchester Communist Students' new paper The Educator is reportedly going down a storm with the local university population, even if those reports are coming from one of the distributors! The first edition looks at the likely impact of the 40% cuts in university funding on students and staff alike, as well as examining the limitations of the unions with reference to an ongoing Manchester dispute. It also imagined what education could be - if it were freed from the restrictions that the capitalist system demands. The PDF is available here.

Both are well worth a read.
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