Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Nerve Magazine Examines Migration

The new edition of Nerve - Liverpool's grassroots arts and social issues magazine - is out, and this time the focus is on migration. Merseyside readers can pick up a free copy from local cafes, cultural venues, libraries and News From Nowhere. Here is my editorial, and the contents.

We Are All Migrants!

On 1st April this year, BBC reported that 'foreign' migrant birds were no longer returning to their native countries, and were 'threatening native birds' because 'they eat all their food'. The invaders had to be caught and 'forcibly repatriated'.

Of course, this was an April Fools' Day joke. But why is it funny? Firstly, because bird migration is seen as being natural; beyond human borders. Secondly, because we would never consider goldfinch or siskin as rivals, in the same way that many people think of human migrants. Birds migrate to this country every year, and are welcomed. Workers and refugees come to this country - the fifth richest in the world - and are scapegoated for our social problems.

In fact, study after study shows that overseas workers are net contributors to the nation's wealth, meaning there should be even more to go around. So the problem isn't migrant workers or asylum seekers, it's the people at the top, who make unimaginable amounts of money off other people's work, and the governments who will not provide decent services.

At Nerve, we reckon it's well past time that we welcomed all newcomers to this land just like we do with our feathered friends. An important first step is to reach out, get to know people, see what they can offer you and what you can offer them. So this issue of Nerve is dedicated to the truth behind the myths, migrant voices, and migrant art. After all, the human race originated in Africa, so we are all migrants!

Migration Myths
Asylum system exposed
The leaving of Liverpool
Out of Africa
Liverpool stories of the invisible ones
Radical route through the city
1919: The murder of Charles Wootton
The human cost of dawn raids
Rambling to revolution
Putting the I into Immigrant
Editorial...Poetry...Music and Art Profiles
Full index of Nerve 12

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