Friday, October 05, 2007

Liverpool Anarchist Educational is Class!

We've been conditioned to think that education must be
expensive, that it is too complex for ordinary people and
must be left to experts, and that it is so vital it is best
organised by large and powerful institutions, like the local
education authority or the state. Like most things we are
taught to believe, this is a lie. - The Nihilst
A not particularly dirty dozen met in Next To Nowhere this evening, for the first in our 'anarchist educational' series, which will happen once a month until February (or the revolution, whichever is earlier), apart from this month when we're having two!

We began with a presentation on 'free schools', with particular reference to the ones that were established in Liverpool in 1908 and 1970. The group then discussed libertarian education, and the prospects for starting that up in the modern day, as well as how crap capitalist schooling is.

A good time was had by all, we learned useful stuff, and it was a laugh, which is more than you can say for most class(system)rooms. Anyone interested in learning about anarchism could do worse than come to our next session.
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