Monday, September 17, 2007

Oaxaca Info Night Held In Liverpool

An audience of about thirty-five people came to Next To Nowhere last night, to meet an Indymedia activist from Oaxaca, Mexico, and to hear him speak about recent struggles against the state government there.

The activist showed three videos during his presentation. The first introduced us to Puebla-Panama Plan, an attempt to carve-up central America along neoliberal lines. Though the politics was quite complicated, the video made great use of puppetry, and we all understood in the end: farmers and the poor are going to get fucked over unless they resist.

The second video showed scenes from May last year, where the Mexican state brutally attacked protesters who were blockading roads in San Salvador Atenco. Some of the scenes made me want to jump through the screen and help the demonstrators, which I suppose is a good review of a film like that. Especially revealing was how the equivalent of Sky News cast aside any claim to 'neutrality', and urged the authorities on to ever more brutal repression.

Finally, we saw some more scenes from last year, filmed in the speaker's own community in Oaxaca. Striking teachers were attacked by police, and eighteen people were killed over the next few days, including an Indymedia journalist from the US. In response, unions, non-governmental organizations, social organizations, cooperatives, and parents convened to form The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (or APPO), which aims to take over the running of the area. You can buy the DVD from Next To Nowhere.

It was heavy stuff, and many of us were still exhausted from Saturday night, but it was wonderful to see our new centre getting put to excellent use. Of course, the issue is what can we actually do to confront neoliberal attacks in our city, the country and the world? What alternatives can we build? How can we defend them from the inevitable state attacks? These questions remain to be answered.

Read the report of Nottingham's Oaxaca infonight here, complete with audio.

Still to come this week:
Tuesday 18th September - 7.30pm - 10pm
Conspiracy Evening
From 9-11 and JFK to the Masons and the New World Order - why are there so many conspiracy theories and what should we do with them?

Wednesday 19th September - 7.30pm - 9pm
Indymedia Info Night
The Liverpool Indymedia team present films and discussion introducing Indymedia and letting you know how to get the best out of the site.

Thursday 20th September - 7.30pm - 10pm
Introduction to Anarchism
Merseyside Anarchist Group presents speakers and discussion on the politics and history of anarchism. With speakers from the Anarchist Federation.

Friday 21st September - 7.30pm - 10pm
The Boy Who Dropped an Egg on the World - A Play
Jack's Hard Rub theatre company present writer/director Julian Bond's powerful anti-war production.

Saturday 22nd September - 7.30pm til late
School Students Against War - Benefit Night
Live music and DJs, good company and dancing to benefit School Students Against War.

Sunday 23rd September - 7pm - 11pm
Free Screen - Film Night
The first of our regular film nights.
Showing Osama - an Afghan film about life under the Taliban and Walkout - a drama based on anti-racist school struggles in 60s LA
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