Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Construction Collapse in Capital of Culture City

As the city of Liverpool is frantically prepared for the Capital of Culture celebrations, workplace safety is bound to come a poor second to profit margins. This year has already seen a three fatalities on Merseyside construction sites, and though no-one has been killed in this latest incident, it looks very likely there will be more deaths before 1st January.

The builders were working on Liverpool John Moores University’s new £23.5m art and design academy when the scaffolding collapsed and they fell 30ft.

Five ambulances and two fire vehicles attended the scene at the junction of Duckinfield Street and Brownlow Hill, near the Metropolitan Cathedral, and six men were taken to hospital. One is said to have serious back injuries.

In January a Polish man was killed when a crane crashed 120ft into a city centre building site between Seel Street and Colquitt Street. Two months later father-of-two Keith Wharton was killed by a frame which fell from a crane at the Stackright Building Systems site on the Knowsley industrial estate. On March 29 a man was killed when a crane toppled over at Wavertree Boulevard.

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