Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bin Charges - A Load Of Rubbish?

There's been more rubbish on the news than ever recently. The government's Environment Secretary David Miliband has been wagging his finger at people who don't recycle their household waste, and proposing that councils should charge non-recyclers £30 per year.

Now that might seem fair enough. After all, the landfills are getting higher, and this has a terrible effect on the environment, increasing carbon emissions. But hang on a minute, haven't we already paid in our council taxes (which go up by a few percent a year)? Also, the UK produces 330 million tonnes of waste per year, of which only NINE percent comes from households! The vast majority comes from construction and demolition, with industry accounting for the rest. It's not even as if we choose to have a huge amount of packaging on our products - they come out of the shop that way!

Of course we should recycle as much as we can, but the problem is that because the profit system is set up to make more money for rich people, every other consideration comes way down the list. We need to create a system based on equality, and then we can give our environment the attention it deserves. Miliband's measures are therefore an attempt to distract from this, and squeeze a few million more quid from poor people into the bargain.

Anarchists in Ireland took action a similar scheme over there a few years ago. Maybe it's time to bin our rubbish politicians!
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