Saturday, May 12, 2007

Celebrity Bastard Of The Month: Tony Blair

It may be a bit obvious (and he might not actually be celebrated by many people these days), but as he jets off on a victory lap of the globe it seems very appropriate to make Tony 'Prime Sinister' Blair our Celebrity Bastard Of The Month, if not decade.

In ten years as 'our' PM, the glorious bleeder has shocked many on both the 'radical' left and the reactionary right with the speed and ferocity of his attacks on working class people worldwide. You'll have your own favourites amongst his crimes against humanity, but here's our Graham with a quick reminder.

The UK’s capitalist class have been delighted by: wars (in Sierra Leone, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq) creating hundreds of thousands of corpses, Dickensian inequality (with the richest 1,000 more than trebling their wealth), ID cards and other police state attacks on so-called 'democratic rights', scapegoating of asylum seekers fleeing poverty and war abroad, the shuffling around (but not reduction) of poverty, the economic rape of Africa dressed up as ‘debt relief’, massive additional pressure on children and teachers in schools, plans to slash pensions, the continuing destruction of social housing, ever more vicious persecution of benefits claimants, UK personal debt growing by £1 million every four minutes, the ongoing sell-off of essential services like healthcare and education, the abolition of student grants, the introduction of university tuition fees and top-up fees, and the government pretending to give a shit about climate change while allowing industry to keep increasing carbon emissions astronomically.

We could go on. The man leaves a horrific trail of blood and tears in his wake.

So no anarchists are crying about this political gangster's retirement. Only problem is, Gordon Brown is going to make even bigger attacks on working people. Like each new Prime Minister, he has to, because UK PLC is in ferocious competition with every other country’s economy. Besides, he knows which way his bread's buttered. When he leaves office, he no doubt plans to make money gladhanding billionaires, just like Blair does.

There's only one solution: working class revolution! We need to organise in our workplaces, universities, streets and communities to build an alternative based on equality, solidarity and individual freedom. No politician could do that for us, so the future is in our hands!
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