Sunday, March 11, 2007

Merseyside Anarchists: How Can We REALLY Stop The War?

At the first meeting of the new Merseyside Anarchist group we discussed a lot of things and decided that it was worthwhile continuing with the group. We also decided that the next meeting on Thursday March 15th should look at the war in Iraq from an anarchist perspective and discuss actions for the 18th March - an international day of action against the war.

We talked about possible anti-recruitment actions and about ways that it's possible for small groups of people to affect the smooth running of the war machine. All of which could feed into the 15th.

Anarchism - or libertarian socialism - is an increasingly strong political current within society and has for a long time been championing the case for a fair, ecological and sustainable global community that may be our last best hope for humanity.

The meeting will begin at 7.30pm next Thursday, at the Liverpool social centre, in the basement next to News From Nowhere, on 96a Bold Street. All anarchists and people interested in anarchism are welcome.
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