Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Liverpool In 'Power Corrupts' Shocker

In a revelation which will surely shake people's most basic assumptions about how powerful people use their power, it has been announced that PC Stephen Anderson and David Appleton - deputy head of Liverpool trading standards - are being charged with conspiracy to steal cigarettes, clothing and other property belonging to the city council.

Yes, dear reader, it is true. There isn't enough to go around under capitalism. So those in positions of power use that power to get themselves a bigger slice of the cake.

According to the Echo, Appleton 'helped lead the city’s fight against counterfeit goods and was responsible for raids on traders in city markets'. So someone must have given him a backhander!!! Shocking but true!!!

As a wise man once said '...history itself is nothing but the activity of men pursuing their purposes'. Yeah, these days we'd say 'people', not 'men', but you get the idea. What do you say we organise as a united working class and pursue our own purposes - taking the power back from all those who wield it against us?

Read the rest of the story here.
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