Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Get involved with Liverpool Indymedia

The Liverpool Indymedia group will be meeting in the social centre next to News From Nowhere, 96a Bold Street at 6pm on Tuesday next (6th March).

We will discuss how we can take Liverpool Indymedia forward, and get more people contributing to the site, as well as reading it.

If would like to get involved, the meeting will be open to anyone who agrees with our mission statement, which begins:

'Indymedia Liverpool aims to be your source of biased, one-sided reporting from Merseyside. We report from the perspective of those struggling for liberty, equality and solidarity. We want a world where people work together to achieve peace, environmental sustainability
and social justice for all. We exist because we believe that the mainstream and corporate-controlled media - by its very nature - stands against our aims, in favour of the rich and powerful. We want to take the power back!'

Absolutely no experience of journalism needed, just bring your enthusiasm for passionate truth-telling!
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