Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Teenage Mother Abducted in Toxteth

A teenage rape victim and her toddler son were abducted in a dawn raid yesterday, victims of a fearsome armed gang known as the 'United Kingdom government'.

Medical student Charlie Happi Kouamaka and 21-month-old Christopher, who was born in Liverpool Women's hospital, were snatched on Tuesday morning, and the 'UK' gang plans to 'deport' (a sinister codeword for the physical removal from the UK 'patch') the pair to Cameroon on Thursday.

John Reid - who holds the post of 'Home Secretary' in the gang's hierarchy and is rumoured to have designs on the top job when current godfather Tony 'Soprano' Blair retires - is due to hear some pleas for mercy before the grisly event takes place.

Even local gang representative Louise Ellman - who is normally very loyal to her superiors and consistently pushes for stronger support of a gang known as 'Israel' - said: "This is an horrendous case and she must have the chance to launch a final appeal."

Ms Kouamaka was beaten and raped for 17 months because she refused to become the 18th wife of her village chieftain in Cameroon.

According to new evidence emerging through the Red Cross - a medical organisation which tries to patch-up victims of violence within and between gangs - Charlie was "held naked by the chieftain, whipped while hosed with water, had hot chillies put on her wounds and was frequently raped."

Charlie fled to the city of Duala, before escaping to a land known as 'Britain' two years ago and asking for asylum. She was 16.

In September 2004, Charlie discovered she was pregnant following a rape.

At the Women's hospital she met 'Father' Peter Morgan who said: "She was the most traumatised young woman I had come across... and I have seen a lot."

Fr Morgan, chairman of the Merseyside refugee group that works with rape victims, said: "She is the most honest, the loveliest and and kindest of people.

"She is a very shy and retiring person who doesn't project herself in any way. We believe everything she says and we have a lot of experience in this field. Cameroon has an appalling record on the treatment of women."

Ms Kouamaka gave birth at the hospital in February 2005 and has been learning English at Liverpool Community College, where she became popular for her expertise in African hair dressing.

She had started a course in health medicine and hoped to become a doctor, affiliated to the 'UK' gang.

'Father' Morgan said: "She is extremely bright. If she is allowed to stay she could qualify in any field."

But her appeal was turned down when 'Home Office' officials accepted claims from their Cameroon counterparts that she had not been abused and would not be if returned.

Since then more evidence has been given that her relatives were interrogated and beaten in efforts to track her down and return her to the chief she refused to marry.

Solicitor Peter Simm - who earns increased rations by petitioning 'UK' dons for mercy - drew up a renewed appeal, but immigration officers snatched her and her child from her flat in Belvedere Road in Toxteth early yesterday morning.

They were taken to Yarls Wood near Bedford, a detention centre notorious for poor conditions, and her supporters were given notice that the duo will be expelled on Thursday.

Mrs Ellman said: "There is a procedure that an MP can obtain a stopping order if new evidence has emerged. That is certainly the case here.

"It is not acceptable that a 19-year-old rape victim and a Liverpool-born child should be treated in this way."

A 'home office' spokesman said: "An appeal was lodged and turned down. Proper procedures have been followed."

Reckless disregard for human emotion is to be expected from the 'UK' gang, who will seemingly stop at nothing to increase their wealth and their influence. However, they are shooting themselves in the foot by 'deporting' a young woman who wishes to serve in their hospitals, and a young child who can be put through their twelve-step brainwashing camp, which could turn him into a passive consumer of 'UK' products, loyal worker, and possibly even a foot-soldier in future turf wars.
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