Friday, October 20, 2006

Train Insanity On Merseyside!

At a time when the government are supposed to be worried about combating climate chaos, you might have thought they would want to encourage people to use public transport, instead of carbon-burning cars. And yet...

Today's Daily Post contains an article about a report prepared for Transport Secretary Alistair Darling. The subject of this report? How to 'persuade commuters to switch to later trains'.

Apparently, rush hour trains are much too packed, and are going to get even worse as employment increases on Merseyside over the next twenty years.

There are a couple of problems with this analysis. Firstly, there is no guarantee that employment will increase in the next two decades. Business is making a lot of money in around here at the moment, so unemployment is actually quite low by Liverpool standards. Once the Capital of Culture corporate jolly is over, the money is bound to go elsewhere, the bubble will burst and unemployment will go up massively.

Secondly, I often get rush hour trains. Yes, they can be slightly uncomfortable. But everyone gets a seat. That's more than could be said for the buses. If it's that much of a problem, the simple solution would be to attach more carriages. Problem solved.

Anyway, what are the report's proposals for curing the problem it has just invented?

a) increase peak-time fares
b) stop at fewer stations

So working people would lose out, the environment we all depend on would lose out, but who would benefit?

a) car companies
b) oil companies

We can't let this happen. We can't let the government use climate change as an excuse for building nuclear power stations, whilst trying to stop people using public transport.
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